Poona Superspeciality Clinic

Poona Superspeciality Clinic is a center where quality super specialty services are provided under one roof. We are proud to say our Clinic is the best:

Our consultants have been trained in the finest medical centers in India and are experienced and known to be experts in their respective fields.

Our Services

Gastroenterology, Liver And Endoscopy

Poona Superspciality Clinic is a Liver Clinic in Viman Nagar. They treat acute or chronic liver disease, ranging from fatty liver disease to cirrhosis to liver cancer. Both a hepatologist and a gastroenterologist can help diagnose and treat liver disease.Read More »

Rheumatology, Arthritis and Connective tissue disorders

Poona Superspeciality Clinic is the best Rheumatology Hospital in Viman Nagar. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common connective tissue diseases and can be inherited. RA is an autoimmune disease, meaning the immune system attacks its own body.Read More »

Endocrinologist And Diabetolgist

Poona Superspeciality Clinic is the Best Diabetes Center in Viman Nagar. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and illness around the world. Diabetes complications can grow exponentially in the absence of timely diagnosis and treatment. Because most people with diabetes have no symptoms,Read More »

Dermatology And Cosmetology

Poona Superspeciality Clinic is the Best Skin Clinic in Viman Nagar. A dermatologist is a medical expert you should consult if you have any significant problem with your skin. Dermatology Is The scienceRead More »

Pathology & Diagnostics

Diagnostic pathology identifies the cause of disease based on morphologic and/or clinical pathology findings, as well as history, clinical signs, and ancillary test results.Read More »

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News paper Coverage

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पांढरी कावीळ (हिपॅटायटीस बी): समज आणि गैरसमज

पांढरी कावीळ (हिपॅटायटीस बी): समज आणि गैरसमज माझ्याकडे बरेच रुग्ण HBsAg reactive असा रिपोर्ट घेऊन येतात. रुग्णांना काहीसुद्धा त्रास नसतो.... read more

Viral Hepatitis : All you need to know

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Patient Testimony: Acidity

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Patient testimony/ oral ulcers

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Mistakes in IBD – 13 mistakes, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s patients do

1.Not understanding disease course in general: You should ask your doctor about how the disease behaves in general in... read more

Pill Esophagitis

Pill Esophagitis (Medicine related food pipe ulcer) A 70-year-old patient came to my clinic 2 months back. He said ‘he... read more

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